Wellco Wins Economic Bright Spots Award

Corp! magazine, in their second annual review of Michigan’s Economic Bright Spots, discovered companies who are not only weathering the storm but arguably riding above it altogether. They each offer many reasons for us to look ahead with optimism. Read on to learn more and be inspired.

When it comes to managing health care costs, Wellco takes what’s arguably a different yet refreshing approach. “Rather than focus on what’s wrong, we focus on doing what’s right,” says CEO Scott Foster. “Other programs that incorporate cost sharing and a change of benefit plans merely shift costs, often without regard to the core problem: the demand for health care.” The firm’s wellness programs combine cutting-edge technology while integrating best practices and a documentation of outcomes. The result, says Foster, can be savings of tens of thousands of dollars annually. “Wellness is a revolution that can enhance almost every aspect of your company where, after all, your company’s fiscal health is the bottom line,” he says. “We are the only return-on-investment health system with measurable results.” Foster, who says the approach has been tested in hundreds of organizations, points to quantifiable improvements in corporate health costs and risks. “Previously, businesses have not had the resources necessary to effectively cut health care costs and to know which of their efforts are working.” Foster is hoping the wellness approach, which he calls “white label and rebrandable,” finds its way into various health systems, health plans and benefit firms who want to build their brand without sacrificing outcomes.

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Wellco is one of the premier corporate wellness firms, specializing in health ROI systems, health risk appraisals, wellness programs, speaking, and consulting. Based in Michigan, Wellco is the developer of the award-winning HealthHammer, the first and only Zero Trend Appraisal system.