8 Steps to Maintain Your Well-Being During a Crisis
It's no secret that the Novel Coronavirus, known as COVID-19, is a serious issue for the health and safety of[...]
5 Health Management Trends Execs Need to Know in 2020
AI-Powered Analytics Will Predict Health Events and Lower Costs Workplace wellness is a multi-billion-dollar industry and the Internet is flooded[...]
2020 is Here: What Meeting Trends Can We Expect to See?
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Social Determinants of Health: An Employer’s Role
When it comes to customer satisfaction, quality assurance, and market competitiveness, leaders rely on the data. They reference case studies,[...]
Three Steps Employers Should Take Today to Address Vaping in the Workplace
Legislation and employer policy have addressed tobacco use in the workforce, but today the CDC reports that the number of[...]
Effective Leadership Strategies for Today and Tomorrow
No matter what field you're in, effective leadership is key to success. But managing a team — especially in critical[...]
Preventing Burnout: A Focus on Improving Work Life Quality
Missed deadlines. Reduced productivity. Increased client complaints. High turnover. Your employees are displaying signs of burnout… how should your company[...]
Corporate Wellness Program Incentives: Can Companies Use Financial Rewards to Incentivize Health Data Disclosure and Program Participation?
The following article is provided for educational and informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice.  An[...]
3 Employer Health Trends to Watch in 2019
Businesses that want to boost their bottom line in 2019 need look no further than their employee health and benefits[...]
Investing in Employee Health Pays Handsomely in Employee Health and Investor Returns
Three recent studies found that companies with award-winning wellness programs also have award-winning stock prices, outperforming the Standard and Poors[...]
Prestigious 20th Annual Employer Health Conference Provides Takeaways In a New Health Care Era
The 20th Annual Conference of the National Business Coalition on Health, held November 16-18, 2015, in Dallas, brought together an[...]
Free Instant Webinar
  Employer Health Trends, Hot Buttons, Controversies & Best Practices - Instant Webinar The presenter is Scott Foster, Wellco President. [...]
Wellco’s Foster to Keynote NBCH National Conference
The National Business Coalition on Health (NBCH) has confirmed the closing keynote speaker for their 20th Annual Conference.  Scott Foster,[...]
Wellness Incentives: Untangling the Controversies
  For a downloadable and sharable guide of the report below, follow this link       A 2014 study[...]
Simple Health Care Solutions? Wellness ROI Keynote Sample by Wellco’s Scott Foster
"Scott Foster's program to SA-SHRM was spot-on. Scott's information is both eye-opening and startling!!! He brought a very complex subject[...]
When Success Became Excess
Scott Foster had one of those "be careful what you wish for" years. His company, Wellco Corp, was featured in[...]
Healthcare Heats Up At Detroit Radiant Products Co.
As a global provider of energy efficient heating solutions since 1955, Detroit Radiant Products Co. (DRP) recognizes the importance or[...]
Altering business model can help – but don’t do it lightly
Businesses call Scott Foster when they want to provide employees with the perk of a wellness program — and gain[...]
Metrics matter: Wellco Corp.
A rising star in the crowded health care consulting galaxy, Wellco is making a name for itself by leveraging data[...]
Wellness ROI data is conflicting, expert says
Companies that dig into research on wellness programs will find about 50 studies that show they are effective but others[...]
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Truths About Wellness ROI
A firestorm of health and wellness controversy is rising.   95% of health and wellness initiatives aren't working, according to 2[...]
Knowledge Economy – Wellco’s Diversification is Paying Off
Corporate health and wellness have taken on urgency, but were almost unheard of when Wellco was founded in 1996.  Today,[...]
Wellco Recognized As Leader and Innovator by WJR
Wellco President, Scott Foster, was recently recognized as a Leader and Innovator Lawrence Technological University, WWJ Newsradio 950, and the[...]
Get In the Right Wheelbarrow – Wellness ROI Keynote Sample by Wellco’s Scott Foster
"Scott Foster's program to SA-SHRM was spot-on.  Scott's information is both eye-opening and startling!!!  He brought a very complex subject[...]
Wellco Awarded As Economic Bright Spot
Wellco of Royal Oak, MI, has again been named one of Michigan's Economic Bright Spots by Corp! Magazine.   This[...]
Are You the Best and Brightest In Wellness?
The Search Is On For 2014!  Are You the Best and Brightest In Wellness?The Best and Brightest In Wellness recognizes[...]
Why it Pays to Redefine Your Wellness Program Featured in Corp! Magazine
“Wellness,” said Dan Rather on a 1979 episode of 60 Minutes, “There’s a word you don’t hear every day.” Since[...]
Wellco to add five for wellness work
Wellco Corp., based in Royal Oak, has been developing health and wellness programs for companies for the past 17 years.[...]
Wellco’s ROI Innovation Strategies Radio Interview
Business Next provides small business owners workable, down-to-earth advice on how they can be more successful and profitable.  In this[...]
7 Promising Corporate Health and Wellness Trends Featured in Corp! Magazine
Don't let your wellness program fall behind. In the words of actress Lauren Bacall, "Standing still is the fastest way[...]
Wellness Grant Update
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) features wellness prominently and uses the word wellness 86 times. The most pertinent wellness issues[...]
Look In the Mirror – Wellness ROI Keynote Sample by Wellco’s Scott Foster
A sample clip of a sold-out keynote to over 800 leaders by Wellco President, Scott Foster.  Scott  is a frequently[...]
Wellco’s Wellness Council Leadership Featured In Crain’s
The momentum and goals of the Michigan Wellness Council, chaired by Wellco President, Scott Foster, were recently featured in Crain's[...]
Wellco’s Wellness Engagement Featured In Corp! Magazine
Employee engagement is consistently rated one of the top wellness program challenges. For worksite wellness programs to be effective, the[...]
Wellco’s Proven Wellness Tools Featured In Corp! Magazine
The American philosopher Abraham Kaplan once said, "Give a small boy a hammer, and he will find that everything he[...]
Wellco’s Avoiding Wellness Mistakes Featured In Corp! Magazine
“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes,” the insightful and prolific writer Oscar Wilde once said. While Wilde[...]
Wellco Awarded Economic Bright Spots Award
Nimble, Innovative Companies Shine as Michigan Economic Bright Spots.  In good times, hardly anyone notices. Wellco President Scott Foster is[...]
The One Question To Ask A Prospective Wellness Provider
An increasingly large cadre of self-proclaimed new wellness "gurus" claim to be really good at providing wellness programs.  Have you[...]
Michigan Forms Statewide Wellness Council
The Michigan Wellness Council (MWC) was formed after five years of regional growth and requests from stakeholders across the state[...]
CDC Awards $9M in Wellness Grants
About 100 employers across the nation will be provided with comprehensive wellness programs, as a result of $9 million  in[...]
Wellco Wins Economic Bright Spots Award
Corp! magazine, in their  annual review of Michigan’s Economic Bright Spots, recognized Wellco (for the second time) for thriving and[...]
Is Your Wellness Program Working?
Wellco’s new Wellness Positioning System™ provides a method that easily tracks and improves businesses' return on investment in health related[...]
It Takes 2,000 Employees to Find a Healthy One?
Only 1 out of nearly 2,000 people assessed could claim ideal heart health, according to a recent study published in[...]
Wellco Receives 50 Companies to Watch Award
(Royal Oak) – Wellco has been recognized as one of the 2011 “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch,” an awards program[...]
Small Business Wellness Grant Update
Although the majority of large companies provide employee wellness programs, few small businesses do. Despite employing 70% of US employees,[...]
Wellco Exec Receives Corp! Award
Wellco President, Scott Foster was recently awarded an Entrepreneur of Distinction by Corp! Magazine.  The magazine recognized executives who are[...]
Wellness booster shot: Grants from reform act encourage healthy living, cost control
You will not want to miss the latest update of the $200M in grant funding for companies with less than[...]
How To Optimize Employee Health And Keep Your Day Job
How can a leading nonprofit human service agency optimize employee health resources without expensive technology or training?  Continue on for[...]
HR Executive’s cover story features Wellco “Bending the Trend”
The prestigious Human Resource Executive Magazine's recent publication featured Wellco in their cover story, "Bending the Trend."  Wellco's HealthHammer was[...]
A practical overview of health reform and wellness.
The historic yet overwhelmingly complex Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) will strongly affect all aspects of medical care[...]
Who is the healthiest one of all?
You might think of Craige, my father-in-law, as the proverbial picture of health.  At 57 years of age with regular[...]
Bosco’s Pizza Company Creates Recipe for Healthier Employees With Wellco
Bosco's Pizza Co. became a national phenomenon by selling millions of pizzas and their famous Bosco's Stick every week to[...]
60 Seconds to Save Prevention Funding
The health reform law contains the support of the Prevention and Public Health Fund to invest in prevention and community[...]
3 Key Questions to Effectively Evaluate and Improve Benefits
Question # 1:  Do you have associates that aren’t as healthy as they think they are? Despite their best intentions[...]
Wellco Leads Quest For Flat Health Costs
Financial Articles & Investing News | ROYAL OAK, Mich., /PRNewswire/ -- Wellco Corporation recently became the first and only[...]
Home Sick – How families and health impact your bottom line
I have been trying to get my dad to see his doctor more and live healthier for more than 20[...]
HVAC Company Reverses the Flow of Health Costs by 34%
Ordinarily, companies can expect 2010 medical costs to increase by 7 percent, according to a recent report by Health Affairs. [...]
Hockey Legend’s Death Brings Awareness
Retired Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks tough guy Bob Probert died recently after an apparent heart attack while boating[...]
Wellness Benefit, Value and Engagement
How does a leading internet services firm firm evaluate wellness and employee impact? Hear it yourself from Brad Frederick, CEO[...]
ROI Standard and Value
Benefit firms understand the need for health cost effectiveness for their clients. In this short video, Steve Rosser, Vice President[...]
Health Care Strategies Summit Unites Experts
The Health Care Strategies Summit recently provided straightforward solutions to the most difficult health care problems faced by businesses today[...]
The One Thing to Save Health Care
Remember the movie “City Slickers?” During one of the better scenes, Curly (Jack Palance) tells Mitch (Billy Crystal) that life[...]
Study Identifies Avoidable Health Spending
A recent study found Heart disease is the most expensive illness in the US at nearly $150 billion annually. Heart[...]
New Interview with Nation’s Leading ROI Expert, Dr. Ron Goetzel
In this new WellnessROI - Superstars of Wellness interview, Wellco's  Scott Foster interviews Ron Goetzel, Ph.D., Director, Emory University Institute[...]
Companies Criticize Employees For Benefit Costs & Want Help
Poor Employee health behavior is the biggest concern regarding health benefits and affordability according to 2/3 of employers in a[...]
Wellness Becomes Law
The House and Senate have approved the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Senate Bill and are expecting President Obama's[...]
Prestigious Wellness Conference Highlights Cost Control
The 29th Annual Wellness in the Workplace Conference was recently held in Ann Arbor Michigan and sponsored by the University[...]
Crain’s Features Wellco Growth and ROI Systems
Crain's Detroit Business recently featured Wellco as a growth company with enormous impact.  The feature provided an overview of the[...]
Television Program Features Wellco
Wellco recently  provided health care ROI strategies for Michigan Entrepreneur, a weekly television talk show highlighting businesses and organizations that[...]
Smoking Bans Create Momentum and Opportunity
On May 1, 2010, smoking will no longer be allowed in most Michigan workplaces, restaurants and bars along with 37[...]
If You Thought HIPAA Regulations Were Confusing…
The number of companies that offer wellness programs is about 60%.  This represents an increase of nearly 35% in less[...]
Crain’s Features Wellco
Concerns and opportunities regarding upcoming health changes are highlighted in the recent feature, "Mines dot health bills: Public option among[...]
The Good News About Health Reform and How It May Impact You.
President Obama is expected to approve health reform in late February, after the House and Senate bills have been merged[...]
Heart Experts Confirm Wellness Programs Cut Medical Costs
Corporate wellness cuts the risks and associated costs of heart disease, says the American Heart Association in a recent policy[...]
A Closer Look at Summit’s Health Care Reform Ideas
Crain's health care reporter Jay Greene talked to Scott Foster, Wellco President & ROI Expert about ideas to transform health[...]
Wellco Exec Leads Health Reform Panel
(ROYAL OAK, Michigan) Scott Foster, Wellco Corporation's President, moderated the Healthcare Reform panel at TiECon Midwest.  TiE is the world's[...]
Wellco Receives Award for Health Care Contributions
Wellco Corp., a Royal Oak corporate wellness firm, was honored by State Sen. John Pappageorge April 16 at Diabetes and[...]
Wellco Wins Economic Bright Spots Award
Corp! magazine, in their second annual review of Michigan's Economic Bright Spots, discovered companies who are not only weathering the[...]
Program Reaches 96% Participation with Wellco Partnership
Today's culture and climate shows more employees choosing between paying their rent and going to the doctor. And medical care[...]
Health Care Reform Projected Cost to Exceed $1T
President Obama's latest health care plan is expected to cost over a trillion dollars. That's in addition to a medical[...]
New employee health and wellness strategies for ROI
One of the hottest topics in corporate health today is how to get your employees more engaged in prevention, before[...]
How Danboise achieves 100% engagement and ROI targets.
How does an organization who has tried nearly everything engage more employees and realize ROI? AJ Danboise and Danboise Mechanical[...]

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