Wellco Awarded As Economic Bright Spot

Wellco of Royal Oak, MI, has again been named one of Michigan’s Economic Bright Spots by Corp! Magazine.   This year marks the fourth time the company has earned the award.

Indeed, in good times, bad times and in between—those periods of economic recovery during which we take a deep breath or two in hope—there remain standout businesses that almost can’t help themselves but be successful.

They’re the businesses that are running full throttle, gaining market share, serving customers in new and unique ways, and leaving their competition wondering just how it is that they’re doing so well, day after day, week after week.

These firms are among the most impressive examples of just how powerful a winning business strategy can be.

Read the article in Corp! Magazine

About Wellco
Wellco is the nation’s leading wellness systems provider. Wellco provides award-winning, results-oriented systems to fix wellness programs and measurably improve organizational health costs and conditions.  Wellco specializes in ROI and appraisal systems, corporate wellness programs, speaking, and consulting.  For more information, visit www.wellcocorp.com or call 248-549-4247.