It Takes 2,000 Employees to Find a Healthy One?

Only 1 out of nearly 2,000 people assessed could claim ideal heart health, according to a recent study published in Circulation. Of 1,933 American adults who participated in a risk evaluation study, only 1 satisfied the American Heart Association’s guidelines for good heart health. The study examined physician examinations, blood test measurements and survey questions to report health status based upon cardiovascular risk factors and lifestyle habits. The following seven criteria were scored; cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, smoking, physical activity, body mass index and eating habits.

Only 1 person passed all seven measures and less than 10 percent passed at least five criteria. The research concluded that good heart health scores are the exception, rather than the rule and health improvement represents both a tremendous challenge and opportunity.

The annual cost of heart disease in the United States is estimated at $475.3 billion, according to the American Heart Association.  Many experts believe heart disease could be nearly completely eliminated with appropriate wellness and prevention.

The study was performed by physicians and researchers from the University of Pittsburgh Cardiovascular Institute and published in Circulation, a medical journal published by the American Heart Association.

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