Wellness Becomes Law

The House and Senate have approved the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Senate Bill and are expecting President Obama’s signature by the end of April.

The 2,000 page, $940 million plan includes 6 corporate wellness provisions that will remain law regardless of what happens to the bill.  With much debate over national spending, coverage and timing, many businesses are pleased to learn that that the bills do have provisions emphasizing prevention and wellness programs.   Provisions in the bill include employer premium discounts of 30-50% for wellness program participation, grants for small businesses, best practice program plans, resources and evaluation.

With health reform nearly inevitable, conversations are shifting from debating the merits of reform to how businesses can leverage upcoming challenges and opportunities.  Some businesses will respond in the equivalent of a bumper sticker that reads, “don’t blame me, I voted for…” and some will need time to grieve and adapt.  Early adopters will enjoy additional resources and competitive advantages.

Scott Foster is President and ROI Expert of Wellco Corporation, based in Michigan. Wellco works with organizations who want to measurably improve health costs and risks.   Wellco specializes in health ROI systems, health risk appraisals, corporate wellness programs, speaking, and consulting.  Wellco is the developer of the award-winning HealthHammer, the first and only Zero Trend Appraisal system.

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