Wellco Wins Economic Bright Spots Award

Corp! magazine, in their  annual review of Michigan’s Economic Bright Spots, recognized Wellco (for the second time) for thriving and succeeding. Corp! provided the award to businesses that are innovative, diversified, adaptable and successful.

Wellco, a Michigan-based wellness firm, provides companies with health-risk appraisals and health return-on-investment (ROI) systems. For example, Wellco recently launched the Wellness Positioning System to track company wellness efforts and identify the most effective opportunities. This product incorporates data from wellness programs and health benefits into an actionable scorecard to improve wellness effectiveness, prevention impact, medical costs and integration.

Wellco is known as a firm that fixes health and wellness programs, rather than merely a provider of wellness programs. During a time when most employee wellness programs have no data to prove effectiveness, Wellco’s average measured return on investment is 1.9 to 1. Recognizing its valued services, many companies have turned to Wellco to integrate health benefits with wellness programs or to capitalize on new opportunities and grants from health reform.

“Michigan is highly supportive and loyal to its business community,” said Scott Foster, president. “It is a privilege to receive this distinguished award and to have the opportunity to contribute. We proudly carry our ‘Made in Michigan’ message throughout the nation.” Wellco’s biggest challenge has become balancing the additional priorities associated with momentum and growth. Plans to adapt include adding positions for support, operations and marketing.

To read the Corp! article, follow this link.

Wellco fixes health and wellness programs for organizations that want to measurably improve health costs and conditions.  Wellco specializes in ROI and appraisal systems, corporate wellness programs, speaking, and consulting.  Wellco currently offers a free, 7-point wellness program review and planning guide to help you avoid the most common mistakes and identify the most promising improvement opportunities.  For your free review, or for more information, call Wellco today, at 866-636-WELL (9355) or visit www.wellcocorp.com.