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Although there are countless resources on the subject of managing employer health and wellness, Scott Foster’s programs are the first to say “The emperor has no clothes” and that a disturbing amount of attention is given to costly programs that should be the last resort.

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Scott Foster was the keynote speaker for the Michigan HR Day conference, which had a sold-out crowd of over 800 participants. If you are searching for a remarkable speaker who is also a pleasure to do business with, I highly recommend Scott Foster.

Jeremy Stephens CEO, Michigan HR

Looking for a great keynote? Scott Foster is a fascinating speaker who knows how to connect with an audience. He peppers his talk with personal stories and tailors his presentation to the needs of your group. Expect comments like "most valuable session," great job presenting all sides to the issues" and "loved his presentation style". I highly recommend him!

Janet Hamous Executive Director, Wichita Business Coalition on Health Care

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Who to you really trust? (3:01) - From a sold-out keynote to over 850 business leaders.

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