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Leadership Consultant, Coach and Advisor

Improve your effectiveness with high-value interactions

  • Take better control of your health care dollars
  • Conquer unnecessary and low-value medical care
  • Discover barriers and solutions
  • Identify focused, realistic objectives
  • Develop dashboards with actionable metrics

Guaranteed to deliver actionable takeaways

  • Improve employee and member experience
  • Establish trust and connectedness
  • Increase engagement
  • Advance the health of your population
  • Steer employees and dependents to high-value, evidence-based services

Scott’s Uncommon Value

There are holes in the way organizations provide healthcare that are associated with fragmented, complex bureaucracy rather than strategy. Scott specializes in helping leaders measurably improve engagement and outcomes. Based upon his proprietary HealthHammer® and WellCompanies™ assessment systems, he establishes how you can improve your health, costs and experience.

Scott will listen, assess, guide and reinforce your methodologies with thoughtful, honest and disruptive strategies.

3 Ways For You to Improve Engagement and Outcomes

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Rave Reviews 

The Houston Business Group on Health’s annual well-being program was a big success do in large part to the efforts of Scott Foster. We heard nothing but rave compliments for the motivational way in which Scott delivered his keynote.

Chris Skisak, PhD Executive Director, Houston Business Coalition on Health

Scott Foster has been an active consultant, speaker and trainer and instrumental in shaping the quality of MCGH resources. Scott’s contributions through best practice contents, vendor evaluation, implementation of grant-funded programs and chaired committees have enhanced what we do for residents of the State of Michigan. MDCH is truly fortunate to turn to Scott as a credible and well-known expert. His cooperative style and exceptional service make him a pleasure to work with.

Rochelle Hurst Division Director, Michigan Department of Community Health

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