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  • Measure avoidable health conditions & costs
  • Develop a strategy to systematically improve medical costs
  • Evaluate health & wellness program effectiveness
  • Provide actionable data to optimize your existing health plan or transition to a new plan
  • Engage employees in health care decision-making
  • Create excitement about health & wellness
  • Integrate benefits & programs
  • Improve social determinants, literacy & adherence

Wellco solutions are the first to say “The emperor has no clothes” and that a disturbing amount of attention is given to costly programs that should be the last resort. 

Rising health insurance premiums have combined with growing political and social support to transform prevention and population health from a warm-and-fuzzy fringe benefit into a key strategy for measurably improving dangerous and costly health conditions. 

Until recently, the lack of adequate tools made measuring outcomes problematic at best. However, mounting economic pressures make apathy untenable; the immediate need for critical evaluation is inescapable.

Wellco's systems target measurable improvements in your experience, big data analysis, value-based care and population health.

As the first and only Zero Trend Appraisal® system to help companies accurately benchmark and fully achieve flat health costs over time, HealthHammer does more than hit the nail on the head when it comes to saving your company’s money: it can save an employee’s life.

It is the first system of its kind to integrate avoidable costs, paperless health risk appraisal, biometrics (the measurement of biological characteristics), and medical claims in one powerful tool that offers instant, onsite results without any delay for lab processing or reports to be mailed.

That means the health of your employees and your bottom line can begin improving faster than ever before.

High-Value Checklist

Until now, employers didn't have resources to benchmark and improve utilization of high-value health care as an alternative to more expensive treatment with lower value.  

The HighValueChecklist (TM) incorporates a 48-point proprietary scorecard based upon demographics,  prevalence, treatment expense burden, intervention cost-benefit/cost-effectiveness and evidence-recommendation evaluation.  

The checklist can be used to improve benefit design and as a reimbursement road map for insurers and providers.  Wellco is proud to provide organizations with an affordable, easy-to-use and reliable comparative checklist to control and improve health care benefits and costs.   

Well-Value Clinics

Onsite prevention clinics that emphasize value-based care to prevent dangerous and costly chronic conditions.


While there are countless evaluations, WellCompanies is the first to recognize and improve wellness & health care effectiveness.  30 years of worksite health promotion research has progressed far beyond weight loss contests, lunch presentations, health fairs, wearables and standing desks.  

WellCompanies is a powerful system that benchmarks and builds wellness outcomes that work right down to your bottom line.

WellCompanies improves outcomes by measuring and advancing key, evidenced-based criteria among 10 proven categories.

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In a short time, Wellco has provided the following results from our partnership:

  • Reduced avoidable health costs by 16%
  • Engaged 93% of our population
  • Decreased high-risks by 63%
  • Increased the number of healthy people by 30%

I highly recommend Wellco to measurably improve the health, metrics and value of your business.

Matt Rossetti President & CEO, ROSSETTI

Partnering with Wellco has achieved 100% wellness program participation and targeted nearly $250,000 in annual avoidable health costs. As a result, we have measurably decreased our medical costs. Wellco’s systems and guidance are the best and most effective in the industry by far.

Carol Gatewood President, AJ Danboise

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