Western Arkansas Human Resource AssociationWAHRAIn 1966, the Western Arkansas Human Resource Association (WAHRA) formed to promote the development and growth of effective human resource practices that benefit the community and the business. The organization’s primary focus is on continuing education, research and professional development. Over time, the organization worked hard to become a progressive professional organization dedicated to finding ways to make the employer and employee relationship more meaningful and beneficial to both parties. WAHRA has about 175 members

WAHRA is an affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management, also known as SHRM. SHRM has over 250,000 members in 125 countries, with more than 575 affiliated chapters in the United States alone.


WAHRA holds monthly educational meetings for its members. In addition, WAHRA sponsors a statewide Human Resource Conference with the other SHRM chapters in the state. The conference features well-known regional and national speakers who provide thought provoking and informative presentations.

Over the years, as a non-profit organization, WAHRA struggled to find enough money to keep the organization afloat and to continue its educational programs. Any money they did earn, WAHRA put back in to the community. Recently, they sponsored a class designed to help members earn their HRCI certification. WAHRA subsidized the cost of the class and the certification test for members who took both the class and the test.

The biggest challenge HR professionals face is to be considered a strategic member of an organization.


Participation in WAHRA’s monthly programs provides continuing education certification credits. The organization also promotes defining metrics and finding ways to contribute to a company’s profitability. Recently the topic was social networking and ways to use it to help with networking and promoting the employer’s objectives. Another recent session featured Wellco talking about changes in regulations governing health and wellness.


WAHRA members have shared information on healthcare initiatives at their employers, including coverage and premiums. This helps each company get the best possible health and wellness coverage for its employees. One company mentioned an agreement with a local clinic that enables employees to visit the clinic without any copay. This innovative concept helps improve overall well being and takes the financial worry out of staying healthy.

Scott Foster/Wellco Value

“I’ve had the privilege to host Scott as a presenter at a regional conference four years in a row. Scott brings an abundance of credibility in wellness and well being. However, what I appreciated most was his eagerness to adapt his presentation to the needs of my audience. We collaborated to determine learning objectives for the presentations, and then Scott customized his delivery to maximize the likelihood that our learning objectives would be met. A finer person one won’t meet! He’s witty and engaging, intelligent yet genuine.”
Kimberley Gordon, EdD
President, Western Arkansas Human Resource Association Associate Professor, University of Arkansas – Fort Smith

“Scott Foster provided a really enjoyable program to a subject that can be very dry. Scott is able to disseminate facts in a way for people to easily understand and make it personalized to them with real stories and real situations that they can apply. As an expert with a global view, Scott challenged tSunshine Bartletthe status quo and gave eye-opening new perspectives and takeaways. Scott’s program was great and highly engaging!”
Sunshine Bartlett, President
Western Arkansas Human Resource Association


Western Arkansas Human Resource Association (WAHRA) has developed into a progressive, professional organization devoted to the advancement of knowledge associated with the varied skills required to translate modern business requirements into effective, meaningful employer/employee relations. WAHRA was organized in 1966 to encourage the exchange of ideas in Human Resource Management and to promote the growth and development of sound Human Resource practices in business and the community. Our organization strives to encourage continued education, research, and the development of the profession and the professional. Learn more by following this link.

About Scott Foster and Wellco

Scott Foster is President of Wellco. Scott is a frequently- invited expert and speaker regarding making sense of employer health care strategies and the effectiveness of health and wellness programs. Scott and Wellco provide award-winning, results-oriented systems to measurably improve organizational health costs and conditions. Contact Wellco to learn more.

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