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McKenzie Health System (MHS), a hospital system located in Sanilac County Michigan, consists of a network of clinics and professionals dedicated to delivering compassionate, quality health care. MHS provides a variety of services that range from family medicine to physical therapy. It also focuses on involving the community in wellness and education. McKenzie proudly offers programs specifically designed to improve the quality of life for their patients and the community.


Like many organizations, McKenzie Health System struggles with rising health insurance rates. Leadership at MHS felt their health insurance rates were outrageous for the size of their workforce. They recognized the need to intervene through prevention and wellness to stop dangerous and costly illnesses. Their current efforts centered on weight loss programs and competitions. MHS found it difficult to engage the majority of their staff in preventive programs. Leadership knew they needed to strengthen their wellness program in order to achieve results and lower their health insurance rates. MHS also seeks to include the surrounding community in their wellness goals.


McKenzie Health System partnered with Wellco to measure avoidable health conditions and costs.  Wellco’s system directed employees to existing, underutilized resources and provided a data dashboard to leadership for benchmarking and evaluation of employee and organizational health.  MHS provided and incentivized preventive screenings for employees. They also provided additional programming at a discounted rate including: bone density screenings, weight loss challenges, and full lab reviews. On one hand, McKenzie continues to experience challenges in regards to engaging its staff. “We seem to get the same people participating in each of the different things we do,” said Carrie Krampits, Director of Human Resources.  However, community engagement has been a success due to the implementation of a community wellness liaison reaching out to the community through lunch and learns, cooking classes, and yearly physical reminders.


Although this is their first year implementing wellness into the workplace, McKenzie expects better insurance rates based on their current claims. The success they experienced this year with improved employee morale and anticipation of better claims has inspired them to make wellness a bigger priority in the coming years. Future goals for McKenzie includes offering more extensive health screening and differentiated insurance rates for employees based on program participation. “We want a happy healthy workforce to welcome and truly care for our patients because customer service is so crucial,” said Carrie Krampits.

Wellco Value

“Wellco is great to work with.  Wellco is really easy to work with, they are prepared and ready to talk when they say they will be, and the price point was awesome. They exceeded what we were anticipating.”
Carrie Krampits, Director of HR, McKenzie Health System

About McKenzie Health System

McKenzie Health System opened in June of 1967 with the aid of community support. The hospital was financed with a private donation and money from a variety of fund drives contributed to by local residents and industries. Over the years, McKenzie has continued to grow and expand its buildings and services to support the community of Sanilac County. McKenzie has remained true to its mission to provide excellent, compassionate and essential healthcare. Learn more by following this link.

About Wellco
Scott Foster is President of Wellco. Scott is a frequently- invited expert and speaker regarding making sense of employer health care strategies, engagement and metrics.   Scott and Wellco provide award-winning, results-oriented systems to measurably improve organizational health costs and conditions. Contact Wellco.

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