Kalamazoo Human Resource Management Association

Kalamazoo Human Resource Management Association Kalamazoo Human Resources Management Association (KHRMA)
The Kalamazoo Human Resources Management Association (KHRMA) is a large SHRM chapter comprised of primarily small and medium sized businesses located in western Michigan. This association dedicates itself to providing support and leadership for the growth and development of the HR profession. KHRMA also has strong ties to the community and supports local nonprofits through volunteerism. Last July, KHRMA organized an HR day of service in which 60 volunteers applied their unique skill sets to help nonprofits complete challenging HR projects. Recently, KHRMA was nominated for a national award through SHRM for their community service programs.

ChallengeKalamazoo Human Resources Management Association
Western Michigan has an unemployment rate of only 5%, creating a talent shortage for local businesses. Many companies in this area avoided the recession from previous years and continue to grow by leaps and bounds. While this growth is beneficial, thriving companies are frustrated when trying to fill positions. This talent shortage creates a war between companies who are fighting to attract skilled employees. Newell Rubbermaid built a new innovation facility in western Michigan. Their struggle to attract 100 designers and engineers to staff the facility is an example of the challenge many local businesses face. The question becomes, how do you get someone to move from Chicago or Atlanta to Kalamazoo, Michigan?

The goal is to attract people with big city skill sets to the businesses in western Michigan. Some natural draws to western Michigan are its beauty and its strong sense of community. “Western Michigan is a hidden gem.” says Shawn Premer, President of KHRMA.

Additionally, KHRMA is working hard to bring talent to the area by educating their members to attract and train the much needed employees. KHRMA has made a significant effort to provide HR education to their members locally. The topics are strategic in covering issues members would typically have to travel elsewhere to get. KHRMA also focuses on organizing peer groups for professional growth and idea sharing to solve tough business problems.

KHRMA’s spring conference alone earns attendees 7 of the 20 annually required credits for a minimal fee of $100. Members benefit from the local conferences by saving the time and money it would cost to send employees to distant conferences to earn the required credits and receive current education. In addition, the conference educates members on how to attract and train the employees they need. KHRMA is focused on education members can take back and use on the job.

An additional strength of the Kalamazoo area is its ability to engage employers in community programs. KHRMA has created a reverse sponsorship in which nonprofits present an overview of their organization and its needs at a KHRMA meeting. The nonprofit can ask for donations and volunteers. The local Gazelle Sports store also has a community outreach called Kalamazoo on the Move, designed to get employees moving.

KHRMA provides the benefit and value of a national group in a much more community minded area.

Scott Foster/Wellco Value

Kalamazoo Human Resources Management Association“Scott Foster is a dynamic presenter that focuses on giving his audience solid takeaways that can be implemented. He has a funny and inspiring approach and involves his audience in the program. We had fantastic feedback on his presentation! Attendees wanted more. I highly recommend Scott!”
Shawn Premer, President
Kalamazoo Human Resources Management Association (KHRMA)

About Kalamazoo Human Resources Management Association (KHRMA)
The Kalamazoo Human Resources Management Association is a chapter of SHRM. This association provides numerous opportunities for education and networking.  KHRMA has 300 members with monthly meetings attracting around 100 participants. This is a large and engaged organization with a focus on educating its members and helping them earn credits locally. Learn more by following this link

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