How To Optimize Employee Health And Keep Your Day Job

How can a leading nonprofit human service agency optimize employee health resources without expensive technology or training?  Continue on for a short video by Judson Center’s Chief Operating Officer, Sean de Four.

Who is the healthiest one of all?

You might think of Craige, my father-in-law, as the proverbial picture of health.  At 57 years of age with regular checkups, healthy eating and exercise, Craige’s lifestyle couldn’t be healthier – or could it? I can picture my most recent phone conversation with Craige as he was talking about how hard he tries to plan … Read moreWho is the healthiest one of all?

Home Sick – How families and health impact your bottom line

I have been trying to get my dad to see his doctor more and live healthier for more than 20 years but he didn’t wasn’t very receptive (perhaps as deserved revenge for me not listening to him as much as I should have growing up).  Dad would say, “I only need to go to the … Read moreHome Sick – How families and health impact your bottom line

Hockey Legend’s Death Brings Awareness

Retired Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks tough guy Bob Probert died recently after an apparent heart attack while boating with his family. He was just 45 years old. Does it feel like heart disease victims are becoming younger and you’re getting older? The devastation of losing a loved one unexpectedly has become more frequent … Read moreHockey Legend’s Death Brings Awareness

The One Thing to Save Health Care

Remember the movie “City Slickers?” During one of the better scenes, Curly (Jack Palance) tells Mitch (Billy Crystal) that life is about “one thing,” but you have to find out just what that thing is for yourself. Mitch spends the rest of the movie looking for his “one thing” and ends up much better as … Read moreThe One Thing to Save Health Care

Companies Criticize Employees For Benefit Costs & Want Help

Poor Employee health behavior is the biggest concern regarding health benefits and affordability according to 2/3 of employers in a recent survey by the National Business Group on Health and Towers Watson.  The next biggest concerns, by 41% of companies, are poor utilization of preventive services, expensive catastrophic care and end-of-life treatment. Fifty-eight percent of … Read moreCompanies Criticize Employees For Benefit Costs & Want Help

Wellness Becomes Law

The House and Senate have approved the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Senate Bill and are expecting President Obama’s signature by the end of April. The 2,000 page, $940 million plan includes 6 corporate wellness provisions that will remain law regardless of what happens to the bill.  With much debate over national spending, coverage … Read moreWellness Becomes Law