“HealthHammer is the most valuable benefit we have ever provided to our staff.”
Brad Frederick, CEO, Media Genesis

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Article – 3 Employer Health Trends to Watch in 2018

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Truths About Wellness ROI

Why it Pays to Redefine Your Wellness Program

7 Promising Corporate Health and Wellness Trends

7 Strategies to Improve Employee Wellness Engagement and Participation

6 Proven Tools for Wellness Program Success

5 Wellness Program Mishaps and How to Avoid Them

10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Ease Concerns About Your Weight & Improve Your Health

Truth of Consequences – Selecting Health Risk Appraisals

The Moment of Force – Four New Ways to Leverage Healthcare Costs

Throw Away That Scale – The Hidden Harm of Weight Loss Programs

Turning Bad News Into Best Practices – How to Bounce Back From the Health Care Crisis

Bright Lights, Big Options – Proven Strategies That Reduce Health Care Costs

The 8 Best Strategies You Can Implement Now for Wellness ROI – How to Rescue Corporate Health Risks and Costs

Prevention as a Promising Business Strategy – From Chaos to Confidence in Five Proven Steps

Nine Out of Ten CFOs are Wrong About Employee Health – Four Truths You Need to Know Before Your Competitors Do

Shoestrings As Strong As Steel – How to Effectively Manage Employee Health With a Limited Budget

The 7 Biggest Health Benefit Mistakes – How to Turn Benefits Into Profits

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WellnessROI – Superstars of Wellness

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Well-Equipped – Market Intelligence E-news

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"Wellco does much more than provide corporate health and wellness programs. Wellco fixes health and wellness programs. As a result, we have decreased our medical costs by more than 15%."

Carol Gatewood, President, AJ Danboise

"After working with Wellco we saw a 32% improvement in the overall health of our employees. Wellco makes measurably improving wellness outcomes and engagement very easy.”

Stephen Bindon, President and CEO, Trijicon

"The HealthHammer system saved us more than $200,000. HealthHammer is better than programs that cost 3 times as much."

Robert Casalou, Health System President

"HealthHammer is the best and most powerful health risk appraisal and management system on the planet. Wellco has provided a 288% return on investment through reduced medical costs. "

Larry Gaynor, President and CEO, tng worldwide

"The bottom line is that the ClaimTamer and HealthHammer wellness systems have returned at least 162% of our investment by reducing our medical costs."

Tobye Stein, Executive Vice President (retired), CO-OP Network

"HealthHammer is the most valuable benefit we have ever provided to our staff."

Brad Frederick, CEO, Media Genesis

"HealthHammer helped us achieve the unheard of 100% participation. As a result we're on our way to a 4:1 return on investment."

David Boduch, Director of Internal Operations, DMI

" Wellco's return-on-investment is as close as you can come to a sure thing."

Sean J. de Four, COO, Judson Center

"HealthHammer sets the standard for health care ROI. Any business without HealthHammer is missing a real treasure."

Steve Rosser, Vice President, Johnston Lewis Associates

"Wellco is the best choice for businesses looking for measurable health care opportunities and wellness program ROI."

Dave Galli, Vice President, TapeMaster

"Wellco provides measurable outcomes that are critical to focus employee health efforts."

Craig Mulhinch, Vice President, Bosco's Pizza Co.

"Your programs are dynamite!"

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"There's no more using work as an excuse to avoid the doctor."

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