AT LAST…A Cure for Broken Health and Wellness Programs.

“Wellco does much more than provide corporate health and wellness programs.  Wellco fixes health and wellness programs. As a result, we have decreased our medical costs by more than 15%.  Wellco’s systems and guidance are the best and most effective in the industry by far.”
Carol Gatewood, President, AJ Danboise

“After working with Wellco we saw a 32% improvement in the overall health of our employees.  Wellco makes measurably improving wellness outcomes and engagement very easy.”
Stephen Bindon, President and CEO, Trijcion

Smash Annual Premiums and Build Profits with These Systems

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Wellco is the nation’s leading wellness systems provider. Wellco provides award-winning, results-oriented systems to fix wellness programs and measurably improve organizational health costs and conditions.  Wellco specializes in ROI and appraisal systems, corporate wellness programs, speaking, and consulting

Wellco the developer of the award-winning HealthHammer (TM), the first and only Zero Trend Appraisal (R) system to help companies accurately benchmark and fully achieve flat health costs over time.

Rising health insurance premiums have combined with growing political and social support to transform corporate wellness from a warm-and-fuzzy fringe benefit into a key strategy for lowering healthcare costs. Until recently, the lack of adequate tools made measuring the return on investment for wellness problematic at best. According to the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), nearly half of companies offering wellness programs have not even attempted to measure medical cost trends.  However, mounting economic pressures make apathy untenable; the immediate need for critical evaluation of ROI is inescapable.

ClaimTamer is a complete, all-inclusive wellness system guaranteed to enhance the health of your workforce and build a healthy return on your investment. It integrates 12 months of proven, targeted wellness tools as well as quarterly wellness communications and interventions for employees in all readiness stages to effect better participation and results. This program also utilizes the award-winning HealthHammer to systematically track and boost employee health status.

As the first and only Zero Trend Appraisal® system to help companies accurately benchmark and fully achieve flat health costs over time, HealthHammer does more than hit the nail on the head when it comes to saving your company’s money: it can save an employee’s life. It is the first system of its kind to integrate avoidable costs, paperless health risk appraisal, biometrics (the measurement of biological characteristics), and medical claims in one powerful tool that offers instant, onsite results without any delay for lab processing or reports to be mailed. That means the health of your employees and your bottom line can begin improving faster than ever before.

Learn more about HealthHammer or see the video.

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