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As follow-up to prior communications from McKenzie Health System, you are invited to participate in a free, confidential online wellness assessment and coaching program.

The program, called HealthHammer, measures and interprets health factors that are most likely to affect your health and well-being.

After completing a 10-minute online assessment about your health measurements and habits, HealthHammer will provide you with an instant scorecard of your results to help you take charge of your health.  Afterwards, a wellness expert will follow-up with you in the event you are interested in additional resources or support.

The program is the result of a partnership between McKenzie Health System, Michigan Planners and Wellco, the nation’s leading wellness systems provider.   Best of all, HealthHammer is voluntary, completely confidential and paid 100% by McKenzie Health System!

Here’s what you need to know:

-None of your personal or medical information will be available to anyone other than Wellco

-Your login information was recently emailed to you by Wellco

-You can request a lost password or change it anytime by using your login/email address

-You can complete the assessment at 1 time or login again to complete it later

-If you participated in the recent health screening at McKenzie Health System, then feel free to enter “0” for the following medical measurement questions:  Blood pressure, total cholesterol, HDL and weight   Those results will be updated for you by a Wellco expert

-If you did not participate in the recent health screening then you may find it helpful to have the above current measurements available to enter when prompted (if available)

-This opportunity is available to you until April 10, 2015

-You can begin HealthHammer by selecting the button below,


Please contact us if you have questions or if we can support you.  Enjoy!