Home Sick – How families and health impact your bottom line

I have been trying to get my dad to see his doctor more and live healthier for more than 20 years but he didn’t wasn’t very receptive (perhaps as deserved revenge for me not listening to him as much as I should have growing up).  Dad would say, “I only need to go to the doctor when I get sick and I never get sick.”  Does that sound familiar to you?

The good news is that my dad is fine today.  He sees his physician regularly and lives a pretty healthy lifestyle.  The challenge for his company is that in the past 5 years, he has accumulated more than $400,000 in cardiac expenses alone.  Also, as much as he might like to retire and spend time with his grandsons he can’t because of monthly prescription cost of over $1,200.

I failed to help my dad understand the difference between sick care and health care (prevention).  How about you?  Do you have an opportunity to take advantage of that difference?

My challenge for you is to choose prevention now.  With 95% of your current health care dollars going towards sick care you can make great strides reducing major health costs and conditions, like my dads, for just a few hundred bucks.  Make no mistake, if you do not choose prevention now then your health care will become sick care.

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