Terminal Supply Company

TSC logoTerminal Supply Company (TSC), a national company headquartered in Troy, Michigan, maintains a full line of solderless electrical terminals, wire, and vehicle maintenance items. It has seven locations scattered across the United States. TSC has grown significantly since it was founded in 1966 by Dave Leslie and his wife, Maureen. Terminal Supply Company is dedicated to a high level of expertise in its customer service and sales departments to ensure customer satisfaction. With an average of over 10 years’ experience, the sales force at TSC is considered one of the most relied upon in the automotive industry.

Terminal Supply Company, like many companies in the United States, was facing a continual yearly increase in health insurance rates. TSC’s insurance rates had increased by 35%, making health insurance a major cost within the company. The large rate increase inspired TSC to take action and tackle their rising cost of health insurance. TSC suspected a variety of health conditions among its employees was driving the costly increases in insurance rates. TSC recognized the value and the need to partner with employees to foster healthier lifestyles. It had the dual goal of taking care of its employees while reducing the cost of health insurance.

Terminal Supply Company’s first step in reducing insurance costs and supporting employee wellness was to partner Wellco to evaluate the rise in health insurance rates and develop a prevention strategy. A key component of Wellco’s system was providing HealthHammer scorecards for all interested employees and a data dashboard for leadership.  Wellco implemented systems to track avoidable health conditions, measure avoidable medical costs and integrate existing resources.   TSC also provided new initiatives such as: dodge ball teams, onsite yoga, and education on healthy eating and smoking cessation.  TSC provides dual insurance rates for participants and non-participants in Wellco’s systems.

One year after consulting with Wellco and implementing its wellness systems, TSC saw its insurance rates decrease for the first time in years and continue into subsequent years. The decrease in rates benefited the company and employees as TSC was able to pass along some of the savings to its staff.  TSC believes the decrease in rates is the result of a lack of large insurance claims and an increase in employees’ awareness of their health, creating a healthier workforce. It also, recognizes the culture at TSC has improved, as its employees become healthier, they are happier, more productive, and take fewer sick days. Leadership at TSC feels working with Wellco has been rewarding.

Wellco Value

Scott Leslie“Wellco singlehandedly made a huge impact on the wellness and awareness of a healthy lifestyle with our employees. After 12 months of working with Wellco we saw the first reduction of our health care costs in several years. Wellco are professional, diligent and make our employees fell very comfortable working with them.”
Scott Leslie, President
Terminal Supply Company

Covatta“Finally a measurable method for health and wellness in world filled with clutter. Wellco engaged all of our leadership and nearly all of our staff with expertise and metrics.”
Chris Covatta, Vice President and General Council
Terminal Supply Company

About Terminal Supply Company
Terminal Supply Company has been a full line distributor of electrical parts for over 40 years. They have become a trusted supplier to the heavy-duty and industrial markets because of the quality of manufacturers they stock. Learn more by following this link.

About Wellco
Scott Foster is President of Wellco. Scott is a frequently- invited expert and speaker regarding making sense of employer health care strategies and the effectiveness of health and wellness programs. Scott and Wellco provide award-winning, results-oriented systems to measurably improve organizational health costs and conditions. Contact Wellco.

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