Healthcare Heats Up At Detroit Radiant Products Company

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As a global provider of energy efficient heating solutions since 1955, Detroit Radiant Products Co. (DRP) recognizes the importance or continuous improvement and education.

Health care has become very confusing and it changes rapidly. As a result, Detroit Radiant Products (DRP) wanted to help employees jump-start national trends that emphasize greater health care accountability into variable co-pays based upon healthy behaviors. The sheer amount of ideas, resources and conflicting messages made getting started difficult and uncomfortable. DRP wanted data points to address unknown employee health conditions and increasing health insurance rates. They needed an effective way to engage employees in the transition into a new normal while having metrics to guide results.

ExperienceJoe Wortman and Scott Foster
DRP provides educational theme summers to address important topics and complement corporate culture in between busy manufacturing periods. DRP launched a partnership with Wellco during this time to reinforce health care adjustments and clarify uncertainty. Wellco provided measurement of avoidable medical conditions, education and coaching. All initiatives were emphasized as voluntary and confidential.

Employees now recognize that change is inevitable and that DRP is trying to do the right thing. Leadership has improved workforce trust. The initiatives brought a much needed level of professionalism. Employees are thanking leadership for raising the bar. The amount of applied learning has been surprising, even to senior executives. DRP employees are now more aware and the culture is supportive of healthy behaviors. Awareness and accountability are more on the front burner now than they have ever been. The data points and measurement of avoidable health conditions and costs have made leadership more effective and able to make better decisions moving forward. Health care has become proactive for the first time.

Wellco Value

Joe Wortman Detroit Radiant Products“Addressing health care changes is confusing and uncomfortable, especially without data points to know what works. Partnering with Wellco put the whole picture together and made me more effective in my role as a leader from every standpoint. Wellco raised the bar with professionalism and metrics to make me a more knowledgeable, educated CEO that will make better decisions moving forward. Health care has become proactive for the first time.  Engagement has been excellent and employees are thanking me for exceeding expectationsl”
Joseph Wortman, President
Detroit Radiant Products Company

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Detroit Radiant Products Company began in 1955 as a small manufacturer specializing in gas-fired infra-red heaters. Since then, they have manufactured over 2,000,000 high intensity heaters. Today, the world headquarters is located in Warren, MI and occupies over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space. The Detroit Radiant, Re-Verber-Ray® brand products are world renown for most commercial, industrial and specialty infrared heating applications. Learn more by following this link.

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Wellco provides award-winning, results-oriented systems to measurably improve organizational health costs and conditions.  Contact Wellco.

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